So today is the last day of Stop Days before finals begin tomorrow. I have some definite mixed emotions on finals – some good because that means this semester of hell will be over with (5 engineering-related classes = no fun :() and some definite stress from the fact I’ll need to do well on my finals in order to get good grades. My line-up is as follows [and my current thoughts in here]:

* Wednesday 11am-2pm: Physics 162   [will be super hard]

* Friday 11am-1pm: Math 445 [PDEs are ridiculous]

* Friday 2pm-4pm: EE 150 [So tired of coding]

* Tuesday 11am-1pm: EE 200 [Get a cheat sheet! :)]

* DONE: EE 201 [Only a final project required, which I already did, so I’m done!]

Anyway so that’s what I’m looking at for the next week. This will definitely be a long hard week of studying and hopefully fruitful returns. When I write next Tuesday I will officially be done with class this semester!!! 🙂

Other than that I took the weekend Stop Days to hang out – I went to Korean BBQ, played mad video games, and hung out with friends. It may not help my final scores, but the relaxation was great.

I also tried to clean the apartment. I found out that apparently we (my apartment-mates and myself) have been storing a large amount of plastic bags this semester. An unhealthy amount to tell you the truth. The pic below says it all.

For now I’m off to study. See you on the other side, when I’m done with all this stress and finals!!!