So it’s the first day of December. For you, it may mark the first day of a 25 days to Christmas countdown, maybe the beginning of your favorite month, or maybe just a feeling of winter. For me, it represents the only thing at college that can truly be feared: Finals.

There is currently about a week before my first final. Considering I haven’t truly started studying for any finals yet, this means I’m already behind.

Thanksgiving Break was great, but it has put me behind in school (because obviously I didn’t want to do any work and just wanted to relax). I will have to make up what it has done by studying extra hard in this next week. I know for sure that right now is already ridiculous with all the projects and homework assignments and presentations due before classes officially end (aka Friday the 4th, WAHOO!) and the week afterwards will be even harder.

Despite all this, I look forward to finals in a way. It will be a great way to get rid of stress by finalizing my grades for all my classes (whether good or bad) and will leave a closed feeling on the semester as I head home to enjoy Christmas break. In addition, I just want to do well and since I have confidence I will do well, I just want them to be over to show off what (I think) I’ve learned.

So yeah. That’s my thought process right now. I just need to get through the next two weeks and I will be off home for Christmas Break. I can’t believe this semester is already over… I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun 😉

And on that cliché I’m out to DO WORK in Matlab