Well, today is the last day of Stop Days… which means finals officially start tomorrow! I guess in some ways I’m excited for finals, but in many other ways I’m dreading them. On Thursday night I have 3 finals (yes, I could have moved one, but I have decided to just go for it) and then I have one each next Monday and Tuesday. So, this means by the time I post next Tuesday I’ll be done with finals and getting ready to head home for the beginning of the summer!

Other than some studying in the past few days, I’ve been using stop days to hang out with my friends some before we all leave for the summer. Its been a lot of fun. I’ve made multiple trips to In-N-Out, driven to random locations all over LA, and more. Also this week I can’t wait to see Iron Man 2! I loved Iron Man and just can’t wait to see what the sequel has in order.

Its weird for me to think my sophomore year is almost already over! Its been a long and great year, its just weird everything is moving so fast all the time! At the bottom of this post I’ve included some pictures.. The first two are of the cigar box guitar my partner and I built in EE202, Linear Circuits. I also included a picture of my friends windshield, which suspiciously had a hot dog placed upon it the night of the Senior Fountain Run. Very random and very fun.

Other than the occasional studying I’ve done a lot of messing around… And since I’ve been doing that, its time for me to crack down and study for finals! Until next week…