The title of this post says it all.

This is a saga of my life which started in this way – I tried to order the show on ebay because I heard it was good. I was sent pirated DVDs, which discouraged me from the show. However, with my recent spike in free time, I borrowed the DVDs from a friend…

My life for the past week has been completely dedicated to the title. I started watching Entourage last week and got completely and utterly and unmistakably hooked. I’m currently in the process of watching Season 5 – yes, I have already watched 4 seasons in approximately 5 days.

Every waking moment in which I’m not doing homework has basically been spent on the show. Couple the fact I barely have hw and my Xbox is currently broken (3 red rings of death :(), and I have watched A TON of Entourage. But don’t think I’m complaining – I love it! 🙂

The show is awesome and if you haven’t seen it you should give it a try. I would recommend definitely starting from Season 1 though because the characters gain more depth and the episodes will make more sense and mean more if you feel like you’ve been there the whole way with the characters.

I guarantee it will encapsulate you.

Off to watch another episode.


PS. I leave for home for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow morning! 🙂