So one thing people ask about all the time once you’re in college is “what’s your major?” or “what are you studying in school?” All my family and friends ask me this question, and people use your major as a means of identifying who you are at college.

The best way to really break down my major is into the different things it means to me: class, clubs, homework, friends, and other extracirriculars.

Class: I’ve already given a pretty good summary of this… Check out my previous post!!!

Clubs: I am a part of three large engineering clubs here at USC… The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society, and Tau Beta Pi (TBP) the Engineering Honor Society. All of these societies hold some interesting events throughout the year (IEEE just played broomball this past weekend!!!) and are a great place to meet other engineers! Check out the websites for more info on each.

Homework: HW has to be considered part of one’s life as an engineer because you are busy with it during the semester. You will have to put apart some time to get stuff done. But, the best part is, if you schedule your classes right and are outgoing, you’ll get to work on it with your friends!

Friends: You will make so many from all the different engineering disciplines and they will all help you along your way through Viterbi and your undergraduate work.

Other Extracurriculars: I am also a Freshman Academy Coach in addition to being a Viterbi Student Ambassador! Obviously check the links for more info, but these jobs allow me to give back to Viterbi and its great 🙂 Be sure to check the VSA link especially because we are here to help you know what life is like at Viterbi!

Hopefully this gives you all a good glimpse of my life here at Viterbi studying Electrical Engineering!