So let me begin by stating that I have written about this topic in the past here. Much of that information still applies so please check out my old post before continuing reading!

Most of the information from before is applicable, except I have new classes in addition to continuing my student involvements. I am now taking 4 classes, each of which is on a totally different subject: Innovation (Senior Capstone Design course), Entrepreneurship, Chemistry, and Engineering Management. Having the opportunity as a Senior to choose my own classes and have space for “fun” electives is a real bonus from the hard work I put in earlier on (taking over 18 units and taking summer classes).

Best described in my own words, Electrical Engineering is the study of complex electrical systems and signals. This entails many things beyond that simple description. EE is, to me, the ultimate problem-solving major. You are constantly in situations where there is uncertainty and constraints that lead to you to an expected set of outcomes. Whether this is a simple digital logic problem with 1s and 0s or a complex electrical circuit with multiple transistors, you are going to be challenged to perform.

In the end it was this challenging sense that drew me to EE and led me to choose it as my major. By doing EE you become an extraordinary problem solver with a strong technical and technological background. This is marketable to many career paths too, which is a positive if you are unsure if your undergrad major will be your career path.