So first off, sorry for making this post late but… It gives me a better opportunity to blog about today! Last night I flew home to the Bay Area from LA after taking a midterm. Sadly this means I missed out on the USC v Cal Weekender game but I decided to head home anyway and attend the Weekender in spirit. Since I live in the Bay Area too it served as a relaxing trip home and time away from school and USC campus.

Today I decided to head into San Francisco and visit the city with Claire. Although I live and grew up close to SF, I didn’t go to the city often and really don’t know much about it. Since Claire is an SF native (or so she claims…) I decided to go to the city with her and check out some of the better sights.

The day started with a trip to Pier 39, a common tourist destination. There we visited some wacky places (like the Left-Handed store), looked out over the water at Alcatraz, and saw some sea lions. Although crowded with tourists (not to mention USC people), Pier 39 is definitely fun and something you need to check out if you go to SF.

Next we visited Ghiradelli square. Ghiradelli is a chocolate company who, at that location, sells chocolate and delicious treats like chocolate sundaes and banana splits. We did not eat there (the line was long), but did check out the store and get a free sample 🙂

After Ghiradelli Square we checked out Lombard Street, the proclaimed most crooked street in the world. To be honest that street is crazy! Not only is it curvy and old, but the plants near it are beautiful and there are people everywhere checking the street out.

By this point I was (predictably) hungry, so we headed over to Chestnut Street to check out the restaurants there and grab some food. We ended up eating at Delarosa which was very tasty and on the way saw the line at the Apple store for the iPhone 4s.

Next up was arguably SF’s greatest attraction: The Golden Gate Bridge. Since we were pressed for time we didn’t get to walk the whole thing, but we walked some of the bridge and I got to see the beautiful view from the Golden Gate.

Although the view from the bridge is beautiful, it definitely does not capture the whole city. So, to get a better view, we headed next to Twin Peaks, two hills that overlook the entire city. The breathtaking view can be seen below… The picture does not do it justice though.

Last on our journey was Union Square. The square was very crowded due to the Nike Women’s Marathon going on this weekend but still provided some entertainment and a cool place to check out. I managed to even head into the Nike store where there was a live DJ playing and a huge buzz because of the marathon happening Sunday.

All in all it was a great day in the city and awesome to check out SF for the first time in awhile. Claire served as a good tour guide throughout the trip and I really got a good feel for the city after spending the day there. I definitely will be back soon and will make sure to check out even more cool SF stuff when I come for the Weekender next year.