So this past weekend I went to the greatest electronics show on planet earth: CES. For those of you who do not know, CES is the largest yearly trade show for electronics (and maybe any item) and runs yearly the first or second week of the new year in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. As such, the trip is full of fun and shenanigans with friends along with seeing the newest and greatest technology gadgets (not to mention all the free stuff you get).

This year the show ran Tues.-Fri. instead of Wed.-Sat. (as it used to). Because of this we were forced to skip some class in order to attend CES. All things considered, it was definitely a good idea. Myself and my friends Danny and Michael arrived Wednesday afternoon, too late to enjoy the show for the day, so we instead went out for dinner and later met my dad at the dueling piano bar at the Encore.

Thursday marked a full day of trekking CES (yes, by the end of the day our feet hurt profusely) and getting to see all that was there to offer. I have included some of the best images I took below for your enjoyment. After CES we went out to dinner with my Dad at Strip House (located in Planet Hollywood) for an awesome steak dinner.

We ended up staying all the way until Sunday to just hang out in have fun in Vegas of which highlights included Ka, the Cirque de Soleil show at MGM Grand, meeting up with my brother Cam and best friend Kevin to watch the Saints v 49ers game, and also (of course) getting to play some craps.

All in all CES was an amazing trip with a ton of activities and fun involved. I am wiped out today (just got home yesterday) from being on my feet so long and walking so much! I will definitely be attending again next year for more fun and more gadgets (two things which I love)…


  • Radhika says:

    Ahh so jealous. And mos def a fan of that audi!

  • lydia says:

    Wow looks amazing! I need to go next year!

  • Vanessa says:

    Haha if it was anything like last year I’m sure it was a blast..I’m bummed I couldn’t join you guys this year.. definitely let me know if you’re going next year though! And tell the IEEE crew I say hi 🙂

    • ryan says:

      Will do Vanessa! Thanks for the nice comments and hope all is going well for you at NASA! Hopefully you can come along with us next year…