So this appears to (sadly) be my last post of break. This time next week I’ll be telling you all about my new classes for second semester!

Anyway, New Years was great. A happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010 to you all!

My girlfriend got me some sweet headphones for Christmas (we exchanged gifts when we met in Utah) and I love them! I’m enjoying being around the snow and actually feeling like its winter for a change. I must admit though I do love Cali and that year-round good weather.

Other than celebrating New Years, I managed to go see some movies and relax. I never mentioned in my last post but I saw Avatar 3d in Imax and Sherlock Holmes with my relatives and then here in Utah I’ve seen Princess and the Frog, Invictus, and Up in the Air. I’d hafta say this is the best holiday movie season in recent memory (mostly because Avatar was ridiculously good, but the others were great too).

That’s been about it for me. Relaxation is at a year-long high. Between two tough semesters and an internship last summer, this is the first time I have done nothing in so, so long – and I love it.

See you all next semester…