So Christmas is already over. I had a great time celebrating with family and of course the great gifts I also received were a plus 🙂 The external hard drive (1TB) for my computer is awesome and I am also excited to get a nook whenever it finally ships to me!

Besides Christmas I have been celebrating the holidays with my family and seeing old high school friends. I have played plenty of video games (see the PS3 v 360 pic below) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I also managed to go to the Emerald Bowl to see USC beat BC – although it was very rainy and wet, I enjoyed myself!

As for the next segment of break, New Year’s is right around the corner! Hopefully you all have something great planned and will be celebrating with family and friends. I personally will be headed to Utah to celebrate with my girlfriend. Should be loads of fun!

Anyway Happy Holidays and enjoy your time off from school – I know I certainly am. I look forward to next semester, next year, and a whole new decade of fun. See you in 2010