So I am officially one week into Winter Break… And boy am I having a blast. Not only do I no longer have any school or class to stress about, but I have gotten to do many cool things! 🙂

On my first weekend back I went down to my parents new beach house in Santa Cruz, CA. I have posted a picture below that I took one of the nights I was there – the place is beautiful and so is the beach!

Other than the beach, its been pretty cold in NorCal. Whenever I go to hang out with my friends I’m in full pants and jacket – I don’t remember winter being this cold. Maybe I’m too adjusted to the SoCal weather now. Who knows.

I have (of course) played many video games and done nothing a lot of the time too and its been great. 🙂

My family is now in town and we are going to celebrate Christmas on Friday! I am excited for the dinner (and the presents ;))!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I shall update my status next week before New Years!