Yes, it is Tuesday morning.

As yes, this means I am officially back to school.

My light Mondays prevented me from getting back into the swing of things yesterday, so today I will be re-exposed to all my classes and forced to work yet again. However, as a silver lining, school will be over soon enough and I can just work hard and dominate my classes for the rest of the semester!

The rest of my break last week was great. You can see some pictures from the games below. Although they were a marathon (Thursday was 4 games aka 11 hours at the Arena!!! :o), going to the games was very fun. The Madness has truly begun and Murray St was only the beginning. I’m still in awe of what Cornell, St. Mary’s, and Northern Iowa respectively accomplished this past weekend.

My friend from USC, John, ended up visiting and we had a great time. I showed him around where I am from, we went to the games Saturday, and also played some video games on retro systems (because I have pretty much every system at my house). It was definitely a good time and a great way to round out the break.

Anywhoo I have to go get ready for class now so I’m gonna have to cut this one short. Now that I’m back to school I have to be a studious student once again!


Madness from the SJ Regional

Madness from the SJ Regional