So I know this is late and I’ve been very busy so I haven’t really had a chance to write.. but now I do! Anywhoo so my classes.. Um everything’s looking pretty good for the upcoming semester! I’m excited for a fresh start and a whole new slew of classes and learning to come! I’m enrolled in EE-202 (Linear Circuits), EE-364 (Probability and Statistics), PHYS-163 (Optics and Modern Physics), EALC-340 (Japanese Civilization), and BUAD-307 (Marketing Fundamentals). I’m particular excited for marketing, as I am considering applying for a minor in marketing next semester! All of them look pretty sweet though so it should be a good semester, and a bit easier than the last one to boot.

Other than classes I have just been enjoying the first week of school. There’s not too much hw and really not all to much to do so I can relax still and play some video games!

I’m excited for the upcoming weekend because my brother and his friend are coming to visit and we’ll be seeing a basketball game at Staples Center! I will have to post some pictures next week..

Anyway I’ve gotten really into Assassin’s Creed over the past week (been playing on PS3) and its sweet. I’m excited to start with 2 sometime soon, but I’ll have to buy it first :/ I think I’m gonna go play some right now actually…

Another next week