So the midterms are over…

And what a great week and great results from them! From what I know right now, I did really well and put myself in good position to do well this semester 🙂 That always makes me happy and is of course good news to tell my parents; whom happened to be down here in LA with me!

So Saturday, Feb. 27th is officially my birthday (I turned 20 this year, so if you really feel like finding my year of birth then go for it lol). After finishing my first 4 midterms on Thursday and attending a club meeting that night, it was Friday. I worked an Explore USC in the morning (lots of fun, great turnout!) and then my family came to visit me~! After showing my little sister around my apartment, etc. (it wasx her first time at USC) my family and I went to the 76ers vs. Lakers game at Staples Center at LA Live! It was an excellent time! I’ve posted a picture below of the view from our seats.. AWESOME! 🙂

On Saturday, we woke up and went TV shopping for my birthday. I have a TV already, but its a bit older and I’ve been looking to upgrade, so I asked my parents if we could possibly do that as my present. What ensued was me trading them my old TV and another TV for a brand new 46″ Samsung LED TV!!! It is absolutely awesome – the picture is great, its huge, and its paper thin! I copuldn’t be more happy or excited about what happened with that 🙂

Saturday night my family took myself and some of my friends out for a birthday dinner at STK, a swanky steakhouse located near Hollywood. The food was great (as always, this is my favorite restaurant in LA) and the experience was also great (if you haven’t noticed, this was obviously a great week, as apparent by the sheer number of times I’ve said ‘great’ or ‘awesome’ in this single post). 🙂 I’ve posted a picture of my steak below as proof of my adventure as well to show how large it was – 34oz, and yes, I ate it all! 😀

I’m enjoying my free time now by using my new keyboard and playing video games/watching TV on the new TV. It was sad to see US Hockey lose that heartbreaker on Sunday, but watching it on the TV still made my day. This week should be light and uninvolved for me, which I look forward to 🙂 Until next time my friends