Since this is my first post, I figured I might as well evaluate how the year has been so far… and that is a resounding AWESOME. Coming back down to SC, living in an apartment, taking fun classes, going fun places on the weekend, football – it has all been so much fun! Things I’ve done/Places I’ve been so far:

* San Diego – Got to visit the city for the night (thanks dad for being a businessman and getting free nights); the picture is of me eating my dessert in SD!

* Magic Mountain – Awesome roller coasters and a great time (not to mention free with my season pass!)

* STK – Hands-down my favorite restaurant. If your parents are ever in LA and you can convince them to pay, GO (link here)

* El Cholo – A USC tradition and a great place to eat (link here)

* Saw Inglorious Baterds – Good good movie

* Costco – Had to put it on here because stocking up the room is always a necessity

* USC v SJSU game – So glad the season has started back up; see the picture where I was cheering on the trojans! FIGHT ON!

Of course I’ve done other things besides those listed above (mainly go to class), but those have been the highlights. It has been great coming back to school and getting all settled in and seeing friends again. Summer was far too long and I look forward to the semester ahead (although it will probably end up seeming far too short).

Now it’s time to go get crackin’ on some hw. I only have one class Friday so my weekend will be starting oh so soon even though the week has just begun. 🙂

Until next week…