I’ve been in denial about it all day, but after finishing up my last lecture, I have to accept it: today was the last day of classes. It’s hard to believe it’s already here… but, I can at very least say I know exactly what’s next.

As my last little bit of work to  take care of after finals week ends, I’m submitting a research paper to the IEEE/ACM Conference on Automated Software Engineering. The deadline is May 17th (three days after my last final), and I should be hearing back about it mid-summer.  The good news is, once it’s submitted, I can just wait and see.


That weekend, I’m flying to New York state for a national fraternity meeting, sprinting back down here for 5 days, and then I head out to Seattle for my summer internship at Microsoft!  It’ll be a hectic time, but I couldn’t be more excited.  After taking summer classes and doing research last summer, this is my first work experience in industry.


I’ll be a software engineering intern at the Management and Security Division.  I’m living in corporate housing with other Microsoft interns, so it should be an amazing experience.  Fun fact: Microsoft’s campus in Redmond is larger than USC’s and has more people!  I’m sure many great experiences lie in store.


I’ll also be looking to burnish my skills by exploring new languages and working on side projects.  For an aspiring computer scientist, it’s very simple to expand your skillset in your free time, so that’s always a good idea.


So wish me luck as I try to get through the home stretch to summer! I hope you all have an awesome end to your school year as well!