Something weird happened today… water started falling from the sky! Maybe the ancient Mayans were onto something with the about the end of the world coming up.

But actually, it was just a rainy day in L.A.  For Southern California natives like myself, I know to expect it every so often.  One fellow Trojan from Nor Cal, however, told me back in freshman year that he didn’t think to bring even a sweatshirt when he moved to USC.  He assumed he didn’t need it.  It was raining that day too, and needless to say, he was pretty miserable.

A look view of Doheny Library after a day of rain

Southern California definitely lives up to its stereotyped weather most of the time: most of the year, it is sunny and warm, even in the depths of December and January.  However, during the fall and winter season it rains enough that it offers a little bit of diversity in weather.  Hey, sometimes it’s nice to throw on some jeans and a sweatshirt.

Of course, rainy days do merit changes in how you get to class.  I usually skate to class, but rain can damage a skate board, so I normally have to leave my house on foot earlier than usual to get to class.  And some might worry about laptops or binders in backpacks, but generally that isn’t a problem if its in a case and in your backpack, plus umbrella protection should you carry one.


Bikes are still a great option for getting around campus!  Since it’ll be outside while you’re in class, you should do something like this crafty Trojan did: cover your seat with a bag, so you don’t get soaked next time you bike!


Smart idea to keep a bike seat dry when it rains!


While there are rainy weeks, it never seems like too long before the sun pokes out and weather warms up again here in SoCal.  The moderate, largely predictable weather definitely a perk.  For now, I’m going to savor the feeling of sipping a hot drink while listening to the rain coming down outside.