At USC, you will enjoy a top-tier education program while feeling like you are at a resort. I remember the first time I stepped on campus. It was the middle of April, probably the perfect time of year to visit. At USC, however, you’ll get those perfect days 9 times out of 10.  The sun bounced perfectly off all the brick buildings and sidewalks. All the flowers were in full bloom. The many fountains were flowing non-stop. The statues were impeccable. Every aspect of campus was just picture perfect. And if you think that is just to sell you on the school on that one day, well think again! That atmosphere never changes!

You will also be able to interact with some of the nicest and smartest people. For Viterbi specifically, you will be able to interact with professors and students who are very influential in their respective fields. As one example, I was taught by a professor who now works at NASA’s JPL, transferring from his past job at Boeing midway through the semester! He solidified the reason I wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer, specializing in space systems. He constantly talked about the cool projects at work; well at least those he could tell us about! He also managed to tie in his work into practice homework problems and exam questions. Sure, they’re no walk in the park, but the Viterbi engineering department creates the unique experience of mixing in the foundational teachings of engineering with real engineering applications!

On top of that, there are multiple clubs on campus that you can join. Rocket Lab, SAE Racing, Aero Design Team, and many more! I am the president of the VEX U robotics team, and I get to use what I learn in class to challenges we are trying to tackle. It is a surreal experience being able to apply what you learn in class into real projects, which I am sure you will enjoy! If you are also lucky enough, you may get to travel with your team for competitions. I remember my first year on the team, we traveled to Kentucky for the World Competition where we faced teams from China, Mexico, New Zealand, and many more,

And I can’t forget to mention! Have you ever of Neil Armstrong? Maybe you’ve heard of him as part of the crew who first stepped on the moon? Well, he’s got his master’s degree from USC, so that’s pretty cool too! You’ll be walking the same halls, sitting in the same classrooms as he did. So, if you love space just as much as I do, don’t forget to get your picture with his statue like I did! You can find this gem at the engineering quad!