The beginning of the semester is nearing and you may be completely relaxed and excited for the start, or you could be like a deer in headlights and not know what to do to prepare. But hopefully, you’ll get a little insight after reading my tips for before, during, and aftermath of the first couple of weeks at USC.


Make sure you have all that you will need, and that is follows the rules.

USC Welcome Week with my family

You’re probably thinking “Ramiro, I didn’t come here to hear the most obvious advice possible.”  Hear me out for a bit. You most likely will forget one thing while you move into your new home for the next semester, so might as well remember the necessities. Before you create this list of necessities, make sure about what is allowed and what is not allowed at you housing. You do not want to start the year on the bad side of the RA! Of course open flames or any other hazards are off-limits for all university housing, but each housing option has its own rules that may or may not let you bring something you were thinking of bringing. Most likely, however, if you are having doubts about something, that your parents may not approve of or can easily be bought while moving in, you should just leave it at home.

Now that you’ve got the rules covered, you can make a list of what to bring. Some items, that may seem obvious, include hangers, bedding, clothes (yes some people can forget that part of the luggage while rushing out of home to catch a plane or make it on time), desk organizers, and toiletries (some housing options will give toilet paper others won’t so read up!). You also have to make your room feel like home, so bring whatever it may be to make your room feel like home. For me, I know pictures were very important! That will definitely add a nice touch, while help you get through some days that you get home sick.

The best rule of thumb is that if it can’t be bought or easily found while you’re at USC, but it is allowed in your dorm and you may need it, don’t forget it! It is easy to buy some things that you forgot, but those that can’t be bought easily should be put on your priority list!


Make friends, explore with them, and don’t forget to let your parents in on some of that fun too.

Now that you’ve successfully moved into USC, and hopefully not forgotten anything that can’t easily be replaced, it’s time to start making friends and making the most out of these first few weeks.

Welcome week will be full of different activities! There’s the pool party, carnival, concert, teacher panels, involvement fairs, and many many more. Try a range of things that you like to do! But make sure to mix in some time with your family, friends, and yourself. I think that you need all three to get a full experience that you will enjoy. Sometimes you will rather hang out with your new friends and leave your family to explore SC on their own.  Sometimes you won’t want to do what your new friends are going out to do. And sometimes you will just want to be alone and take in the entirety of the experience. Whatever it is that you want to do, just do it! These first few weeks are about you and how you are transitioning in, so try to do what you want to do and not be overly influenced by what people are saying.

Exploring LA 


Keep in touch with your parents, make time for fun, and don’t get discouraged!

You’ve had introduction to SC, visited and done what you have wanted, and now school is in full swing. What else is there to remember?

Always try to make time to call you parents. For some it will be every week, others will be every other day, and some may do it once a month. But always try to stay in touch with your family, letting them know how you are enjoying USC and what you have been up to. Have some time to explore LA. There’s outdoor activities, museums, foodie heaven stops, and many many more activities. But most importantly, don’t get discouraged while you’re in school. It is hard. You’ll be surrounded by the best of the best. But remember that working hard will get you through any tough exam or long project. We are all facing it together as the Trojan Family.


Enjoy your time at USC, because it will go by really fast. Make the most out of it!

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