Hello amigos! Last weekend I went on a little escapade in Malibu. I went on a day long hiking and beach trip.

First part of the day was the hike. I went to Escondido Falls. Now, I would love to say that I found this spot all on my own, but that would be a lie. To be honest, I read an article on Buzzfeed about great spots in the LA area, and Escondido Falls was one of them. Here are some pictures of the hike:

One great thing about the hike is how many USC people I had met! I easily gave up the Fight On! 10 plus times during the entirety of the hike. So it was great seeing fellow trojans hiking alongside! Proof that the Trojan family spans everywhere, even when you least expect it!

The latter half of the day, I decided to go to a nearby beach that I had passed by. The beach was near Pepperdine University, called Dan Blocker Beach.

The beach was perfect to say the least. There weren’t too many people, and the weather was a perfect 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The water felt so nice, and it was a relaxing afternoon after a daunting hike. I would definitely recommend relaxing on the beach after hiking or doing a physically intensive activity. Here’s some of the pictures I took while at the beach:


So that was my little trip! I definitely recommend traveling to a beach in LA or hiking around. The outdoors just have a way of relaxing your mind and creating a blissful environment!

PS, if you didn’t get the title of this post take a listen to this:


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