Engineering is just one part of my life at USC. I am also a huge foodie! For any of you who don’t know what a foodie may be, the word can give you a little hint. As a foodie, I absolutely love to try new types of foods and meals that I have not had before. Los Angeles is the perfect place for that. I know that it may seem difficult to do other things outside of school, especially with an engineering workload, but I can attest that the experience of living in Los Angeles and going to USC is more than just homework and projects. And the best part is, you will be able to experience the Los Angeles life outside of just school work!

LA is known for its plethora of cuisines. I have experienced Chinese food, Japanese food, Mayan food, Ethiopian food, Mexican Food and many more. Believe me that the list is much longer. Even more so, there’s tons of options if you are allergic to certain foods, or have other preferences like vegetarian or vegan options (both of which I have tried, and loved!). Not only can you try different cuisines around the LA area, but the dining halls also offer many options that reflect the diversity of foods in LA. Whether it would be at Café 84, Parkside Café, or Everybody’s Kitchen, you can try foods from all over. The best part is that each day, there is also something brand new that you can try at the dining halls! One day the main dish can be Italian food, but the next day can be Indian. You get to experience different cuisines even without leaving campus! You will have many chances to experience different cuisines, and maybe foster your inner foodie!

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