Alas, the final week of classes are over and done with! This week was jam-packed with final papers, presentations, and projects. In my technical entrepreneurship class, Brenton and I gave our final pitch for the opportunity/venture we’ve worked on all semester to actual investors sitting in on the class. That same morning, I turned in my final piece of script coverage (worth 50% of my grade!) in my script coverage and story analysis class. The following day, I  gave a final group presentation to my technical writing class (WRIT 340), presenting on a revised after school program for an accelerated, bilingual, local elementary school our class has been working with. The principal came to hear our presentation, and even brought some of the kids with her! The kids were energetic and adorable, and the principal seemed genuinely excited about some of our ideas. I’ll keep you updated next semester if our program ideas get implemented:) Thereafter, I worked some late hours to complete my final electromagnetics problem set, and a mini-project on solar cells for my semiconductors class. I also took my final surprise quizzes in my international business law class and electromagnetics discussion section. It was definitely not a week of “coasting” by any means, but it was very rewarding.

My teammate and friend Jonno at the elementary school we are helping!

Looking back on the academics aspect of this semester, I am rather proud of myself. I proved that I could handle a demanding schedule of 6 classes (and LSAT studying for part of the semester) with everything else I’m involved in. I know I still have finals to survive, but overall, being in 6 classes for the first time really helped me get a grip on time management (only took me 5 semesters, right?) and realize how much potential I have as a student. I’ve admittedly never been the greatest electrical engineer, but this semester I feel as if I have gotten so much smarter.  I see myself understanding concepts taught in earlier classes so much better than I did at the time. I have become more competent in my abilities to independently solve problems in my EE classes. I am taking a greater interest in my courses and becoming much better at visiting and getting to know my professors during office hours. In a sense, I really see myself getting in tune with my major and using the pre-requisite classes to do so. It was a wonderful semester, and I’m a little sad to see it come to an end. To go out on a high note, I spent my first evening after classes ended watching foreign films. I haven’t been able to watch as many movies this semester (I’m a huge film and television nerd) as I would have liked, but I tried to make up for it this weekend:) My favorite was probably Klown, a Danish film about a man’s ill-fated quest to prove to his pregnant girlfriend that he is capable of being a father. Rumor has it that Todd Phillips (director of the hangover) is spearheading an American version of the film. That will be interesting…I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a slightly twisted and open-minded sense of humor…

The Three Stars of the Film

However, I’m not back to the final, finals grind. Today I began the grueling process of finishing my 50 page Writing 340 proposal (a documented form of the presentation given on Thursday), and revising the article I wrote for the Illumin engineering magazine as part of the class. Starting tomorrow, I will need to finish these things as quickly as possible and then move on to studying for my three finals. I look forward to the challenge, and an opportunity to showcase all that I’ve learned in my classes. However, I did give myself Friday evening and Saturday as a last opportunity to get funsies out of my system. I attended holiday parties/21st birthdays galore, and indulged in all my fave local eateries (e.g La Taquiza, Manas, etc) for one last time before locking myself up.

Me and Anjali at our friends’ holiday party! Zach and Gavin were among the hosts:)

Smizing so hard as per usual

I am all about this dress…$40 on black friday!

Looking forward, I take my last final on Friday. I then have a day to pack, and on Sunday I leave for 3 weeks in India! I am so excited because I haven’t been there for 6 year! My family and I used to go every other year growing up, but once I started high school, it was difficult to make it work. This India trip will be unique, because my family will not be doing the usual bit of staying with family and relaxing. We are temple hopping all over India and staying in hotels rather than with family. I think it will be an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to document it. I also can’t wait to shop and devour delish Indian cuisine. The exchange rate is rather favorable:) Look forward to a post in the New Year with my various adventures, dining experiences, and purchases.

Until then, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy it, and come back rejuvenated and ready to go in the New Year!