So this week, I thought I would use this space to share with all of you a true addiction of mine. It is independent of my general pop culture fanaticism, away from my love for dance, separate from my passion for engineering and writing, and really just an obsession on its own. You guessed it, I’m talking about The Room. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this film, please allow me to enlighten you. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture show, and the cult following it has attained for one reason or another. The Room is quite similar, as it falls into the category of cult classic. What makes The Room unique, however, is that it is arguably the worst movie of all time. All time ( Even Kanye wouldn’t dare argue that another film deserves the title). But this movie is literally so bad it’s good. Great even. It’s just so fantastically awful. I burn so many calories watching it because of how hard I laugh.

So I guess this is the part where I would proceed to give you a summary of the plot. The only problem is, rather than one concrete plot, the film is really comprised of many mini plots, plot holes, unexplained characters, and super quotable one liners.I guess the gist of the main story is as follows: Johnny (aka Tommy Wiseau, the film’s writer, producer, director, financier, and star) is in love with his girlfriend Lisa, and wishes to marry her. Lisa, however, has a change of heart. Her true passions lie with Johnny’s best friend, Mark. The two proceed to enter into a steamy affair with one another. While this is happening, Lisa’s mother constantly reminds Lisa to worry about financial security. She also drops the bomb that she has breast cancer, only for this to never be mentioned in the film ever again.  And  neighborhood boy Denny pops into Lisa’s apartment every five minutes or so, along with the rest of the world (apparently no one locked their doors in San Francisco in the 1990s). Meanwhile, a plethora of random characters come in and out of The Room, always with something to say.

One of the best parts of this film is Tommy Wiseau himself. Wiseau is an enigmatic figure, with an interesting way of conveying emotion on screen. His accent is so elusive, and really can’t be pinned down to one point of origin. He has refused to reveal his racial identity in almost every interview he has ever done. My money is on Austria. His voice kind of reminds me of the governator’s. So basically, Wiseau wrote the script for the film, and no studio would buy it (for reasons which will be obvious to you after viewing it). Wiseau, determined, raised 6 million dollars for the film himself. How he spent the 6 million is beyond me. But he did. And apparently he raised it selling Korean leather. Yeah…

Shockingly enough, the movie didn’t do so hot in theaters its first time around the block. Rumor has it the total gross was in the 4 figures. On a 7 figure budget. However, the story has a happy ending. Almost a decade later, the possibly-worst-movie-ever-made has achieved itself a place in history and in the hearts of movie lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Now, in 2011, Room fanatics flock to the Sunset Theater in LA twice a month to see a screening of the Room, often with Tommy present. Attendees typically dress as their favorite character and revel in the glory that is The Room, with fellow enthusiasts. I am so fortunate I go to school in LA. Planning this pilgrimage for November:)

The best part of all of this: My birthday was about 3 weeks ago, and my amazing friends, fully understanding my obsession, decided to present me with a TON of Room memorabilia, all autographed by the man, the myth, the legend, TOMMY WISEAU. Needless to say, I am stoked. In honor of this blog post, I wore my “You’re Tearing Me Apart Lisa” T-shirt. I realize that means nothing now. Watch the movie. You won’t be sorry you did.


Note: For a little taste of the movie, check out this notorious snippet: “The Roof Scene”: