So I basically just blew threw my second week of school. I think it went pretty well. The MLK holiday off was pretty nice, and it made the week go by extremely fast. However, since the week flew by, I can’t say I have all that much to say about it. Unfortunately, my own personal life hasn’t been super exciting. After all, it is only the second week. I’d give it until at least after the first round of midterms to get to the good stuff:) So for now, I thought I would share random facts about the week in general, and then if I run out of things about the week, I’ll probably just start rambling.

1. My roommate just got stuck in our building’s elevator for 10 minutes.

2. I forgot my hair straightener at home over winter break, and my mom mailed it to me. I picked it up yesterday.

3. I watched my first episode of jeopardy since living in this apartment, because our tv was fixed this week.

4. I made 2 boxes of mac n cheese and 2 margherita pizzas (all to share of course).

5. I finished all my homework due on Friday on Wednesday, for pretty much the first time ever.

6. I wore one dress and two different pairs of wedges.

7. I made it to the gym 4 times since Monday.

8. Today I accidentally put two earrings on one ear before going to get my mail.

9. Right now, I’m listening to All Falls Down by Kanye West.

10. I’ve wanted to watch Titanic all week.

11. I watched way too many Jenna Marbles/ “Shit Girls Say” videos on Tuesday.

12. My club, NOBE, hosted our first event of the semester this past Wednesday with VP of Qualcomm Ventures, Nagraj Kashyap.

13. I live on the 14th floor of Webb Tower on campus, but it’s actually the 13th. Ok, that isn’t specific to the week, but still.

14. Today, I decided that it would be awesome to achieve “cult” status as a human being. In other words, I want to be a cult classic. Whatever that means.

15. In screenwriting, we watched an episode of Mad Men and my assignment for the week includes writing a scene for it.

16. RIP MegaVideo/Megaupload. I’m totes sad. Stop SOPA! Ok I’m done sharing my opinions.

17. Here’s a random painting of me.

My friend Danielle's aunt painted this portrait of me

Until my life gets more juicy, enjoy! I’ll entertain any questions, random, relevant,…pretty much anything.


  • luis says:

    hahaha was fun reading your experience, glad to see everyhting goes well, by the way love youre friends painting, is it with olios or acuarela?

  • radhika says:

    acaurela:) she’s a talented artist. lately she’s been making a lot of art on her ipad, but she still busts out real canvases very often