Bacon. It’s a word we hear a lot in contemporary American society. It’s on the menus of food chains across the country, on the television screens of households everywhere, and in the hearts and mouths of millions.Many even consider it a staple in their diets. Since coming to college, I’ve realized that bacon fanatics are real, alive, and numerous. I have befriended quite a few in my time here at USC. Personally, I don’t do the whole bacon thing. I have nothing against the stuff, but I’m more a lean protein kind of gal. Turkey and chicken are about as exciting as my meat selection gets. I have never really cared to dive any further into the meat world. However, since I am friends with so many bacon fanatics, any time I encounter something that might excite their relish for piggies, I feel the need to share it.

The shake

Recently, it came to my attention that fast food chain Jack in the Box started selling bacon milkshakes (yes, you read correctly, take a second to process it). Naturally, I felt the need to tell all the bacon lovers in my life. Even more naturally, all these said bacon lovers decided they needed to try the shake themselves. I told them I would be the official documenter of the momentous occasion. After watching a couple of videos of others trying the shake/reacting to it, we learned a few things. First of all, the shake contains no actual bacon. It is only meant to mimic the taste. Most of the people that tried it said it tasted a lot like maple/maple coated bacon. Most of these people also seemed puzzled by the phenomenon they were experiencing. Furthermore, most did not seem to appreciate/like the shake. Nevertheless, the bacon lovers set out to Jack in the Box last week to taste the calorically gargantuan dessert beverage. Two were brave enough to get the large size, while the other two opted for the regular option. Of the 4 of them, 3 found it delicious. Interestingly enough, the biggest bacon lover of them all did not like the shake. He was the only one who didn’t finish it. The other three slurped their shake containers dry. Despite my initial refusals, I was forced to try a couple of sips myself. My verdict is this: The thing tastes more like a vanilla shake than anything else. It has a maple syrup/breakfast after taste, and is in my opinion, quite delicious. Although I would never get my own, I say it’s worth trying once, bacon lover or not.

Happy children


Here is some more info about the bacon milkshake. P.s. if you happen to order one from JBox, the cashier will get really happy. Just saying.

Here is my friend John’s initial reaction to his shake, on video


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