Thanksgiving break is what I like to call “the tease” of all allotted holidays during any given year at school. While those of us lucky enough to go home receive 5 days with our families, the timing is so funny, for lack of a better word. It’s a small glimpse of Winter Break, yet the stress of finals, pending last minute homework assignments, and projects crammed in to the coming week still linger in the back of one’s mind. In my case, these things were a little too far in the back of my mind:) I had many plans to complete certain tasks while I was home, almost none of which happened. I have since caught up, a couple hours of lost sleep later:) But I did have a lovely few days just hanging out with my family. I wasn’t able to see many of my friends, so I spent a lot of time at home. I definitely enjoyed the latest edition to our house: a 3d television my brother apparently found at an unbeatable “steal.” I have to admit, at first I was skeptical. I never really got on board with the 3d thing. However, I have to say after watching television on it, the thing is glorious! The frame rate is spectacular and makes it feel like you are watching everything in real time/real life. I took the opportunity to actually watch a movie in 3d on it  as well. Megamind was my poison of choice. I found it highly entertaining, and the 3d aspect was understated and easy on the eyes. I forgot how nice it was to just sit down and watch tv. I don’t have one in my apartment here (which is probably a good thing, considering I am a pop culture aficionado and can sucked in to watching almost anything for the sake of knowing about it), so something as simple as being able to watch tv is nice luxury coming home. In that same category is the ability to drive my car! I missed it so much and can’t wait to drive it all over when I get home for Winter.

I know for a lot of people Thanksigiving is a really big deal because of the food. Our family has never really done big Thanksgiving dinners. I was actually really happy to be home so I could be healthy. I enjoyed my mom’s cooking, took time to work out everyday for a much longer time period than I usually do here, and I slept! While the trip may not have been easy on my workload, it was easy on my stress load. The extra sleep and relaxation, as well as the better eating and exercise, were great for me. I came back to school feeling extremely energized and ready to go this week. I think I’ve been really productive as a result. I do have to confess, I wasn’t ALL healthy during my break at home. We did go out to dinner at Claim Jumper on Wednesday night. That outing couldn’t have been easy on my body, but it was sooo delicious. I usually don’t bother splurging on dessert when we go out, but the brownie sundae was calling out to me. I have zero regrets about it.

And finally, not Thanksgiving Break in my family is complete without Black Friday Shopping! This year, we decided to sleep in and not make it stores until about 12pm. This didn’t appear to be a problem since we were primarily shopping for clothes. My closet is looking fuller, and my mom beasted it up with Black Friday deals and coupons combined. We set a record low for checkout total at Express this year. I was proud of our work.

As much of a “tease” as Thanksgiving break was, it was also a great preview/motivation for what is to come after finals are complete. I can’t wait to be back home, free of any true responsibilities for a whole 3 weeks.