It’s hard to believe the first week of classes is already underway, and more than halfway over. For the first time, coming back to school this semester I found myself completely mentally unprepared to dive in. However, it’s been a great first week back. Things are slowly falling into place, and I feel like I am getting into my rhythm/schedule. I’mĀ taking some of my core EE classes (digital circuits and linearĀ circuits) and finishing my core requisites. It’s a good feeling to be in my last physics class, and impress non-engineers by saying I’m in a 400 level math class (math 445 and Fourier Series sound pretty intimidating, apparently). I am loving all my classes, and it’s so nice to know pretty much everyone in all of them. It’s a comfortable and familiar feeling going to class everyday and seeing familiar faces. However, the class that stands out to me the most/has proven most impressionable thus far is my screenwriting class, writing for television. This is the only class I have where I barely know any of the students in it. I’ve only been to one class thus far, and I must say it was insane! As a pop culture freak, it was great to be surrounded by 12 other kids who love/know just as much about television as I do. We were all definitely able to nerd out together. It was crazy how many tv shows were discussed in just the first class. I almost feel like I need to get familiarized with the format and storylines of absolutely everything on tv right now. In the first class alone, we were put on the spot and asked to create loglines for potential episodes of tv shows. A logline is basically a small summary used to pitch an idea in the television/film industry, to sum up potential movie or television ideas. It was definitely a little intimidating being put on the spot like that, but it was also a great feeling. It’s awesome learning something completely new and different from someone who is clearly a seasoned expert. I absolutely love my professor (Ron Friedman, imdb him!), and I took my intro to screenwriting class with him as well. In our first class this semester, we actually got to view an episode of Starsky and Hutch he wrote, and critique it afterward. I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful semester, and I hope to produce some quality work. Perhaps once of the best parts of this class will be the excuse I will have to watch tv now, because I can cite it as educational! My latest show that is falling under this “excuse” is Breaking Bad.


Aside from just swinging back into classes, the beginning of this semester marks the end of a long and tiring but satisfying house hunt for next year. My friends and I decided in September that we all wanted to get a house together for our final two years of school. The hunt began immediately after we decided. After months of searching, numerous credit applications filled out, plenty of houses seen and lost, our group shifting and altering in size, I am proud to say we have finally found our home for next year! There will be 6 of us living together (a lot easier to coordinate than the original group of 13 we had in a 9 bedroom house) in a gorgeous house on Orchard. I am so excited about this place, and I have a great feeling about it. The hot tub in the backyard may or may not have something to do with it…

Kitchen at our new place!

As far as everything else goes, it’s just been business as usual. Hanging out with my friends, cooking, gym time, and mini adventures to Staples and other places nearby. I’m taking advantage of the small amount of extra free time the first two weeks of the semester offer, especially in the form of watching basketball now that the NBA season is back on. Overall, I think it’s going to be a rewarding spring semester.