Hello Friends!

So last year, I got the opportunity to blog about my student org The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE). You can read about that here. I still serve as Vice-President for NOBE and we are doing a lot of cool things which I will touch on in the coming weeks, but this year I would like to highlight USC’s Pre-Law Society! When I came into Viterbi, I knew that I wanted to leave open the possibility for a career in patent law (you need a technical degree to sit for the patent bar). This fall, I decided I should take the LSAT so I can apply to law school next year if I decide I still want to. This past Saturday, I did! We’ll see how the scores turn out, but I am happy it’s over! 6 classess and LSAT prep couldn’t go on too much longer:)

Anyway, I’ve subsequently upped my participation in the Pre-Law Society here on campus, now that applying to law school seems like a serious possibility for next year. I have to say that my experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one thus far.

What I really like about the Pre-Law Society on campus here is what a wonderful resource it is. As opposed to a bunch of people with a common goal just sitting around talking about that goal (not that there isn’t value to that:) ), PLS offers a wide range of activities and events to get students prepped for applying to and securing admission to law school. While events include some of the usual workshops on personal statement writing and “house-keeping” type things with applications, most of them tend to be very interesting and valuable. Every week, PLS brings in highly qualified legal professionals to talk about their specialty within the law (sometimes even professors) to give students a taste of different types of law to practice. Additionally, admissions reps from various Tier 1 law schools are brought in to speak about their programs, providing an excellent networking opportunity for students to connect to schools they may want to attend. The PLS also organizes an evening once a semester with the Dean of Admissions for USC’s Gould School of Law. I look forward to attending that event for the first time this semester!

This organization has really broadened my knowledge of the law school application process and what is “out there” law school-wise. I really like being exposed to various types of practices so I can get an idea of other types of law that I might want to practice (besides patents or intellectual property). It’s also a great chance to meet people I don’t really get to see in my classes. I haven’t met another engineer in the club yet, although I do know plenty of engineers who are pursuing a career in the legal field.

I’ll keep you guys posted with pictures I take at events that I attend the rest of the semester. The SD reader in my HTC Thunderbolt broke after I dropped it right before school started, but I have new Galaxy S3 as of this past Saturday:) Rest assured, it will be with me at all times for the remainder of the semester. So for now, I leave you with these pictures, not taken by me.

My roommates are so sweet! Alden and Amber woke up at 7:00am on Saturday to make me pancakes before the LSAT. They also make me an inspirational playlist to get me ready for the test, with hits like Final Countdown, Eye of the Tiger, and Perfect Day featured

Why yes, that is Elle Woods. This scene from Legally Blonde (and many others) was filmed on the USC campus. I was on that street everyday! Maybe I can experience a small piece of her success:)