2011-2012 NOBE Executive Board

Being super involved at USC is just one of the many things that makes my time here so enjoyable! While I do have my hand in quite a few things, I have to say that my favorite student org is USC NOBE, and it’s not just because it has an awesome acronym (pronounced NO-BEE). NOBE will always hold a special place in my heart, because I’ve been with this young organization since its beginnings just last year.

I am one of the members of the original board that helped get it off the ground. In my role as VP, I get to bring in speakers and professionals and come up with ideas for events surrounding these people.

A big part of what I do is network! I try to meet and talk to as many people as possible, with the hope that a few of them will come to USC and help lead an event through NOBE. I really love this organization because it is centered around the idea of unity! To be in NOBE is to accept the importance of the emerging and in many ways already established relationship between engineering and business. Without the other, one of the two becomes insignificant. In that way, business and engineering are ‘significant others” :). As such, one of the main goals of NOBE is to create a platform for Marshall and Viterbi (the business and engineering schools) to become one! We want Trojans to meet here and form bonds that last for life. Maybe you have a great idea but want to meet someone to help you create a business plan to bring it to market. Or perhaps you have an awesome concept for a new application and an idea of how you want to use it, but you lack the programming skills to develop it yourself. That is where NOBE comes in! I think NOBE is best described as a diverse pool of talented students who have unique skillsets and recognize the importance of business and engineering coming together. Fittingly, many of our members are pursuing areas of study in both Marshall and Viterbi.

Jeff Clark, a USC alum and GE employee talks about his career thus far, goals, what lies ahead!

Aside from loving our goals as an organization, I love all of the things we actually do. Just last week, we put on our (soon to be) semi-annual networking event. The theme was venture capital! It was exciting to get dressed up, meet some fellow students and local professionals, and have the opportunity to hear some of the industry-starting venture capitalists speak! We were privileged enough to be able to secure screening rights to a documentary called “Something Ventured” about the start of the venture capital industry in the Silicon Valley, thanks to the amazing hard work and dedication of our wonderful president! He was also able to bring in Pitch Johnson and Bill Edwards, two of the VC’s featured in the film, to speak with us. My mind was blown! This evening was a lesson in tech, history, and social skills! Aside from the obvious value of the event, it was fun to dress up, meet people, and enjoy the yummy food:) And that was just one night of many of the semester…Just this year,  I’ve also  enjoyed fun and informative workshops about startup culture, consulting, and communicating with the media, led by professors, entrepreneurs, and USC alums. I can’t wait for years beyond.

Bill Edwards and Pitch Johnson on a panel led by President Alden Mitchell

This organization is my favorite, because it allows me to grow as a person and as a professional, while allowing me to do what I love. Meeting new people, planning events, and learning valuable, outside of the classroom skills will never get old:)


Check us out at our blog: http://nobeusc.wordpress.com/