This week, my message is quite simple. In the midst of crazy studying for midterms and LSAT, networking career driven events, and general busy-ness, I have found an escape. It’s called, and it’s the best thing ever. Forget sliced bread, morphthing takes the cake. Was that too many carbs and too much slang in one sentence? Absolutely.

Ok, it’s not actually the best thing ever, but it is pretty cool. The idea/technology is not inherently complex, but the result is happiness and entertainment. You input pictures of faces (2 or more) and the site will morph them into one face! Or, you can put in two faces and see what your baby (male or female) will look like. Some of those images are actually quite frightening haha. Anyway, when I needed a study break earlier in the week, I thought to explore this site. A friend had referred to it in a writing ¬†class when I talked about wanting to put my face in a sun like the Teletubbies baby in the opening credits for an assignment. He tried to “morph” my face and the sun, but it didn’t quite look like we hoped:) Anyway, I digress. Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite morphs of the week. I encourage all of you to create your own. Incentivize them as rewards for any and all accomplishments you make during a working period.


Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks, and Johnny Depp

Me and Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Manson and Marilyn Monroe. One of my favorites!

The Biebs and the Governator

I’m not as big of a fan of the baby option, mostly because I have not yet experienced success with “making” a cute baby. In fact, most of the babies I have tried to make look like awkward 6 year old children. The only nice thing is that when I do “make babies” they usually have light (blue/green) eyes, which for me is genetically impossible. Yeah. Anyway, this is my new form of entertainment. I hope you come to enjoy morphing in your spare time as much as I do:)