This week…has just been one of those weeks. I don’t understand how it’s already Friday…I have been working nonstop and just didn’t notice the days fly by. However, these are my favorite kinds of weeks. I didn’t have a midterm to take, I was busy, I feel accomplished now, and I have the weekend to look forward to. Even with a midterm coming up on Monday, test free weeks like this are the ones that I can definitely handle. Sometimes it can be really satisfying to just do/turn in a lot of problem sets, papers, screenplays etc. However, before this week really began, I took an awful midterm last Friday. It was for a class that I thought I was doing pretty well in, and the prof teaching is absolutely wonderful. That combined with my high level of effort led me to believe I was going to do well. As chance would have it, the test was ridiculously difficult. Everything ended up working out, but I didn’t feel so hot right after the test. However, I did get a pick-me-up in the form of a birthday party! My good friend Awadi asked me to help him plan a “small get together” to celebrate his 20th birthday. Being the little socialite that I am, I couldn’t resist my urge to plan an all out party. For the space, I chose one of ┬áthe rooftop lounge areas at Gateway, with spectacular, nighttime views of Downtown. For food, I decided that rather than just have run of the mill chips and artificial sugars (of which there were plenty), I decided to cater Mexican food from La Taquiza, a local, little eatery a couple blocks from campus on Figueroa. They worked within my budget, and were able to provide chips, beans, rice, enchiladas, and chicken fajitas! Also, given that my aging friend is from South Africa, I absolutely had to purchase a Costco cake for him. He had never had one before. Those of us who are experienced Costco shopper know that those things are the best! The turn out ended up being awesome. We used many extension cords to plug in some speakers and turn the rooftop fiesta into an all out dance party. The birthday boy is a phenomenal dancer, and he loves to salsa! So there was definitely some of that action going on. Unfortunately, we were only able to be on the roof until midnight which is LAME. So we moved the festivities to an apartment downstairs for some toned down, relaxed fun. Basically, we all just chilled and enjoyed some deep conversation about everything and nothing. Planning/executing this party were a great way for me to move on from my bad midterm and just keep truckin. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and now I’m back to the books until Winter Break. There’s always room for just a little bit of fun in between though:)


Me and my friend Rebecca taking a break from the dance floor!



Fun hats!


Posing on the dance floor!


Birthday boy Awadi and his cake:)