Hey Viterbi fanatics! So I moved in to my new place off campus a couple of weeks ago. Although it seemed small to me at first, the place has really grown on me. Plus my friends and I are keeping it really neat and clean (so far). I am wrapping up my 3rd week of school, and I finally feel like I have a good routine going in the midst of fall craziness. This semester I am taking a technical entrepreneurship class, an electromagnetics class, a script coverage class, an international business law class, a writing class, and a semiconductor class (with Gordy and Steve)! I don’t have a clear favorite yet, because so far they all seem awesome. Maybe after the first round of midterms, that will change:P But seriously, I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite semesters at ‘SC. It’s great seeing familiar faces in all my classes, but still always meeting new people by taking a great mix of classes in the cinematic arts and business schools. In particular, I am excited for my technical entrepreneurship class, where I will get to work on a team with fellow VSA and homie Brenton, and put on our entrepreneurial caps to come up with a new idea/product and pitch it to our class, investors, and  successful professors among others that will be invited.

The housemates (minus Christina) on gameday!

While I am keeping incredibly busy between classes, serving as an academy coach for the Freshmen Academy class, planning events for my student org NOBE, and studying for the LSAT (which scarily enough, I am taking in less than 3 weeks), I have still fit in lots of fun things since being back at school:) Specifically, our first home football game was a blast for me. Not only did we destroy Hawaii, but that day also marked my 20th birthday. I already knew that I was so lucky sharing my birthday with the first gameday of the season. However, the day far exceeded my ridiculously high expectations. I woke up in the morning to one of the  premier a’capella groups on campus, the Troy Tones, serenading me with a beautiful rendition of happy birthday when I walked downstairs into our living room (thanks Will!). Actually, this birthday set a new record of times I was serenaded in one day. I also received happy birthday serenades when I arrived to my friends’ tailgate on campus, inside of the coliseum (a lot of strangers chimed in on that one!), at my fave Mexican joint around campus, La Taquiza, where we went for dinner, and finally right before midnight when my friends surprised me with the most delish cake evaaa. Before cake eating, I had a great time engaging in pool shenanigans with the friends that weren’t hard at work baking (our friends that live 3 doors down from us have a pool in their backyard, and it’s fantastic).

Me and the housemates messing around with the webcam, and actin’ a fool. They are a large part of the reason this year has kicked ass thus far

My birthday cake! one layer of chocolate chip cookie, one layer of fudge brownie, one layer of white cake, and topped with marshmallow cream. Yummm

The fun continued the next evening as well. I came home from an evening of studying to find my house dressed up all fancy. Turns out they had sporadically decided to overdress for fun and go out to dinner somewhere completely inappropriate to be glammed up for. They demanded I change immediately. After initial hesitancy, I decided to just go with it. I couldn’t resist the fun spirit and their contagious spontaneity (a trait I treasure). Before I knew it, more of our friends showed up dolled up. Since we had visitors from out of state, we decided to take them to Santa Monica. Afterwards, each of the three cars we commuted in took its own adventure. My car chose late-night karaoke in Korea Town, which was a blast!

Fancy dinner in Santa Monica!

I’d say so far, things are off to a lovely start. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the semester takes me, particularly in academic and career pursuits. In less than a few weeks, recruiting and internship hunting season will be in full swing. Time to dust off that resume and make it shine:)