Why the Viterbi Summer Abroad Program is What Dreams Are Made Of

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The view down the street from my apartment

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy as a part of the Viterbi Summer Abroad program. Even though I didn’t end up becoming an Italian popstar, I definitely still had the summer of a lifetime. Abroad, I made tons new friends, traveled to places I never had even dreamed of, and also took two Viterbi classes which both counted towards my major.

Going abroad this summer made it incredibly easy to get some of my major requirements out of the way and help lighten the work load of upcoming semesters. The Viterbi Summer Abroad program offers four classes each summer which are taught by both Viterbi and European faculty.  This summer these courses included AME 310, WRIT 340, ISE 460, and HIST 195. I chose to take AME 310 which is a thermodynamic course required for mechanical engineers and WRIT 340 which is the upper level writing requirement for all USC students. Both of my classes were taught by Viterbi professors who encouraged my peers and I to apply the experience of studying in a foreign country to our learning process. For example, in WRIT 340 we were required to write papers about Italian inventions and imagine ways to incorporate Italian traditions into our everyday lives at USC.

one weekend my friends and I took a trip to Croatia to swim in waterfalls

when we weren’t busy with schoolwork, my friends and I liked to practice our Italian cooking. We used a lot of balsamic and olive oil!

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Viterbi made traveling abroad an incredibly enjoyable and attainable experience. With no language requirements, full housing accommodations, and all-included excursions and programs, the Viterbi Summer Abroad program required very little stress or preparation on my part. For me, participating in the Viterbi Summer Abroad program cost no more than six tuition units (which I was able to apply my scholarship to), two plane rides, and one housing fee. The program also included incredible excursions to Siena, Rome, Venice, Pisa, and Lucca all where transportation, hotel accommodations, guided tours, and some meals where completely covered by Viterbi.  Additionally, this year’s Viterbi Summer Aboard program also included a trip to a winery, introductory Italian lessons, an opera performance, and an Italian cooking class.

fighting on from the Roman colosseum

chillin in Pisa

Studying abroad with the Viterbi Summer Abroad Program was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at USC. I had such an incredible time sharing this experience with friends old and new and living in Italy for nearly two months.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about studying abroad!

Grazie per aver letto!

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