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With over 25% of students involved with sororities and fraternities, USC is known as a big Greek Life school. Hundreds of students enjoy rushing these organizations in the fall and spring, but if you’ve seen the cinematic masterpiece Sydney White (starring Amanda Bynes) and don’t think Greek Life is for you, I’ve got some good news. USC has an incredibly diverse range of well-recognized professional fraternities!

Showing off the paddle I made for my big

If you still just can't see yourself as a frat star, you’ll be happy to hear that professional fraternities are very different from the sororities and fraternities you see in the movies. Professional fraternities are Co-Ed and have an emphasis on professional development within the specific fields they are meant to cater to. At USC, there are over six professional fraternities ranging in discipline from architecture to pre-med and from business to engineering. One of the best parts of these organizations, is that most of them accept members regardless of their major and encourage students from all schools at USC to learn about their respective fields through membership and involvement.

Fall 2017 Phi Alpha Delta New Member Class

 As a current member of Phi Alpha Delta, USC’s pre-law fraternity, I have had the opportunity to perfect my resume and Linkedin, network with renowned law professionals, connect with impressive internship opportunities, hold various positions of leadership, and learn about the field of law as well as the law school application process. In addition, Phi Alpha Delta provides LSAT resources and discounts to its members, and other professional fraternities at USC provide similar opportunities and resources to their members as well.

A photo taken at my fraternity’s semi-annual retreat

My friends and I before we head to our end of the year banquet

Professional fraternities additionally participate in various social events including big/little, invites, retreats, group outings, and banquets. Joining a professional fraternity has been one of my best decisions at USC. Through my involvement, I have made incredible friends—all with unique majors and backgrounds—who I would have never met otherwise.

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