It takes a Village (and other reasons to live in USC Housing)

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When I was a freshman at USC, I lived in Birnkrant Residential College (the honors dorm back when the USC Village was just a twinkle in Max Nikias’ eye). Despite the infamous the lack of air conditioning and communal bathrooms, Birnkrant was one of the best parts of my entire college experience. Birnkrant floor six (affectionately known as BK6) was an extremely tight knit group: we ate together, studied together, went to football games together, and so much more. Nearly two years later, we are all still incredibly close and all hang out whenever we can. Although living in the Village was not an option during my first year at USC, I can’t even imagine what my college experience would have been like without Birnkrant. The community I found in Birnkrant was incredibly special, but not unusual for members of USC Housing.

BK6 the first day of freshman year

BK6 at a gameday sophomore year

I loved my BK6 family so much that I decided to become a Resident Assistant (RA) and build my own community in the brand-new McCarthy Honors Residential College. Some of the biggest perks of living in USC housing are all of the amazing programs that Residential Education and the RAs put together. As an RA, I had the opportunity to design my own programs for my residential community. My most popular program was a Halloween party featuring a bunch of adorable puppies. As a member of USC Housing, it is completely free to attend and enjoy all kinds of helpful and entertaining programs similar to my puppies program.

A resident cuddling a puppy at my program

Residents decorating mini pumpkins at my program

Although the new USC Village is beautiful and a great place to live, don’t be distraught if you end up getting placed in other USC Housing. Each residential community has its own unique character and positive attributes. Although there are many off campus housing options around USC, I would strongly suggest calling USC residential communities your home for your first few years as a student. And if you’re lucky, you might even find your very own Trojan family in USC Housing just like I did.

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