This is an awesome place to start venturing into more of what USC is about. On this page you will find information about what the transfer community looks like at USC, and learn about resources and opportunities made available to you the moment you become part of our Trojan Family!


The application is currently open and can be accessed through the Common Application website. The deadline to be considered for a Merit Scholarship is December 1st and the final deadline to apply is January 15th.


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You can find further application-specific information and register for an information session at the Viterbi Admissions Website. Admissions Staff members will be able to answer any questions you have concerning the application process.

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Navigating Professional Life

Making connections and finding your next opportunity should not be difficult

There are many opportunities at Viterbi to help you get that summer internship or other job. One major way is through the career fair. Viterbi also offers many online resources for career development, as well as staff members you can meet for career advising through Career Connections.

Student Organizations and Transfer Community

Life in LA never stops and neither should you! There are many Viterbi organizations available where you can grow your technical, social, and professional skills

USC Transfer Community

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Engineers Without Borders


Engineering+ The Path to being a Well Rounded Person

There is something available for everyone – from robotics to a cappella

In addition to the many Viterbi organizations, there are also plenty of other clubs and social events on campus for you to explore interests outside of engineering. Here, you can find a list of all the organizations at USC, and search for things you may be interested in.

At Viterbi you are encouraged to find what you are passionate about and given the space to explore non-engineering related interests. Whether that is through a minor, specialization, electives, or exploring freely is all up to the individual, but know the options will be there for you.

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Do I have time to study abroad as a Transfer Student?

Engineering students have a variety of options to study abroad, both within and outside of Viterbi. Whether you want to go for a week, a month, a summer, a semester, or an entire year there are plenty of ways you can study abroad! For general information, check out Viterbi Study Abroad. You can even research abroad for a summer, gaining both technical and life experience.
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There are lots of opportunities to explore the world during the summer. Viterbi Summer Overseas is an opportunity for a small group of Viterbi students to take classes and travel abroad together to Europe each summer.

The Tsinghua Undergraduate Research Program allows undergraduate students to conduct research in Beijing, China while simultaneously learning about the Chinese culture. This is an amazing opportunity where you do not have to worry about missing out on a summer improving your technical skills.

Different majors within Viterbi have different options when it comes to studying abroad. Search for places that are approved for your major! Be sure to look at Engineering Overseas options and the International Exchange Program with universities in Hong Kong and Singapore.

If for any reason there is a different study abroad program or destination you’d like to go to that isn’t included in the Viterbi study abroad options, USC’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences has plenty of options that are also available to Viterbi students through the Dornsife Overseas Program.

School ends in early May, but you can still take classes throughout May! One option is a Maymester, a month-long class, many of which are abroad.

Want to go abroad for a shorter period of time? There are options for that too! Alternative Break is an option for students to participate in service trips over campus-wide breaks all around the world. Do good while traveling! 

Engineers without Borders is one of many organizations that do work abroad! A great opportunity to not only learn more about engineering but also the world in a more compact setting!

Paris, France with Global Fellows

How do I make the most out of research opportunities at USC?

The possibilities are almost endless

There are numerous ways to get involved in research within and outside Viterbi. USC also offers multiple research fellowships to students showing great promise within a research field. If you have some research experience in your current college you can even possibly continue it here.

Research FellowshipsResearch Spotlight

Biomechanics Lab


Watch how engineering can interconnect with other areas within USC such as athletics.

Nanomaterials Lab


Learn how a deep understanding of a field you are interested in is not necessary to get involved in research.

Computer Security Lab


Check out how Artificial Intelligence is being used in cyber security.

Need help? Viterbi and USC have plenty of resources to help you balance personal well-being with academic achievement, including transfer information sessions and advising.

Transfer Advising

Viterbi’s advisors are here to help along during your transition to USC as a transfer student and the entirety of your engineering course plan

Center for Engineering Diversity

CED works to foster a devoted and supportive community of diverse Viterbi scholars.

Undergraduate Resources

USC offers a variety of support networks, peer tutoring, and specialized advisement.

Disability Services and Programs

DSP ensures access to campus resources and support for all students to achieve academic success