Hi all! I know this time of year can be very overwhelming. It is the height of midterms, the height of recruiting, and on top of that most clubs and design teams are starting to ramp up as the projects get more advanced. It is easy to feel like you’re drowning under the weight of it all and constantly wishing you had more time in the day. Know that you are not alone and while it may be challenging right now, it will surely pass. And the rewarding feeling you will get when you push through it and come out on the other side is worth it. I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to combat the stress of this time of the school year. 

It is very important to stay organized, especially with so many deadlines and important dates. Staying organized and effectively planning your study time will help alleviate stress and reassure you that you are able to finish all of your to do list tasks. Whether this is with a planner, a hard copy calendar, my personal favorite a Google Calendar, or a combination of the three it will help ensure you stay on track and productive with your time.

Another important reminder is that it is important to take breaks. We can’t study constantly, and after a while you will start to lose focus and be less productive. It is important to plan breaks throughout your day. I try to make my breaks fun things to look forward to such as lunch or coffee with friends, getting in a good workout or yoga class, or going on a hike or to the beach! This weekend I took a studying break and went to Manhattan Beach for the afternoon with some friends. It was a great way for me to recharge and when I returned to studying I felt much more productive. 

Remember to stay properly nourished and hydrated. It is important to keep up your energy levels and prioritize your health. I’ll keep this short and sweet, but the last thing I wanted to touch on is remembering to take a deep breath and relax. If you get a bad test score or don’t get a followup interview it is not the end of the world. Disappointing yes, but there will be other opportunities to score better and other internship opportunities down the road. Check in with yourself these next few weeks and make sure that you prioritize your health both physically and emotionally, and always do at least one thing a day that brings you joy. Happy studying!

Peyton Erickson

Peyton Erickson

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Ventura, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @peyton.erickson I'm involved with the W.V.T Rusch Honors Engineering Program along with being a member of the Grand Challenge Scholar Program and the Society of Women Engineers. I'm also a member of the 3D4E student organization. Outside of Viterbi, I am involved with the USC Women's soccer team as a manager and a member of SC Outfitters.