Studying engineering at any university, particularly at USC, is definitely challenging. However, it is far from impossible and anything worth attaining requires effort. Many high school seniors are curious about studying engineering but are daunted by the notoriety it has amongst majors. I heard countless horror stories about engineering when I was applying to Universities but I was convinced that my passion for math and science would help me persevere, and it has. I would not feel as intellectually engaged as I do now in any other major; I love what I am learning.

These are a few big reasons why I decided to study Engineering.

FLEXIBILITY: You are going to invest time into education because you want to have a choice in what you end up doing for a lifetime. When you study engineering, there are so many choices that it is often difficult to decide which one fits you best. From aerospace and electrical to computer science or chemical, all areas of engineering are exciting and there is a demand for Engineers in industry. Engineering degrees open up many paths for the future because you become a problem solver. Some biomedical Engineers go onto Medical School just like other engineering major pursue a Law Degree or an MBA after undergrad. With what you learn in engineering, you can go into several great careers.

CHALLENGE/INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT: If you are like me, then you like a good challenge. Engineering is a challenge I happily chose and my life would be boring otherwise. As a professional you will be faced with problems that require creativity and logical analysis skills. Engineering will help you grow and strengthen your thought process. Other than a diploma, you will presumably have transferable skills such as problem-solving and critical reasoning. With all of your technical courses and a relatively good amount of General Education courses, you will really exercise your brain. The more you know, the more you develop as a person. Engineering challenges you to the point where you develop the ability to find solutions, become a leader, and, ultimately, be a good asset to a team.

SELFLESSNESS/MONEY: I intentionally clustered these two together because everybody wants to make money and feel good about what they are doing. As a relatively intelligent person, you owe society a useful application of your brainpower. Engineers develop everything from sanitary living conditions and transportation mechanisms to effective means of communication and technologies that make life more comfortable for everyone. You can be a great contributor to a better tomorrow, a part of a worldwide coalition of engineers who are discovering efficient ways to solve and eliminate issues. You get a well-earned compensation for your work and are a well-respected professional. I strongly believe that studying engineering is the best investment you can make.



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Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015