The University of Southern California is not your every day university. This is not a marketing scheme, I am dead serious. This place is heaven-sent.

When I was looking for a university to attend I was sure that it was going to be highly improbable that I found a school that offered me the perfect balance between academics and a great social atmosphere. While searching, the name “Viterbi” caught my attention and after taking a couple tries at pronouncing Andrew Viterbi’s last name correctly I did some research.

The fact that it was in the heart of LA appealed to me because I was IN LOS ANGELES and I had the luxury of remaining close to home. I loved how every student wore their Trojan apparel with pride and how everyone fed off of the school’s “Fight On” spirit. People smiled at each other and it seemed to be a very accepting atmosphere despite having less diversity than any school that I had ever been to. I really liked what I was seeing, but as I went down Bloom walk and began seeing the Viterbi banners leading me to Ronald Tutor Hall I began to fall in love. I walked into the building and felt empowered. Checking out the Center of Engineering Diversity, VARC, the Career center, and the First Year Advisement Center showed me that the university cared about how well we performed and that was the exact academic atmosphere I was looking for, no matter how challenging it was going to be.

I chose the USC without the slightest doubt in my mind. During Week 0, I realized that I had forgotten about the one and only thing I knew about USC before doing my research .. FOOTBALL. I rushed to the computer and purchased my discounted student season tickets and it proved to be the most amazing part of being a Trojan outside of an academic viewpoint. The tail gates are the epitome of fun and sitting in the stands throwing up the V for victory is the greatest feeling ever. Singing along with “The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe” and watching your university annihilate another in football with your friends is even greater than it sounds.

How many students can say their school is a football school with unparalleled spirit AND they are receiving an education that does not compare to any other? Not too many. I am blessed to be going to school at the greatest place on the face of the earth.

Fight On!

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015

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