USC in a word… this is a tough task to accomplish. This university is providing me with a world class education, opportunities to interact with some of the coolest people in existence, and a very strong network within the Trojan Family. I am yet to have a necessity unmet as I develop into a conscientious adult and dynamic professional at USC. This influences me to describe USC using the word Resourceful. I have been given academic, professional, and social resources that have made my experience holistically great.

Academically: Every time I am in need of tutoring or some guidance in my study habits, USC is there for me. If I need some help with math, I can always skate over to the Math Center and know that there will be somebody there happy to help me with my questions. When I need somebody to look over my essays for my General Education courses or simply need to get started, I can always schedule an appointment in the Writing Center and be sure that I will get the ball rolling. If I need help in my Electrical Engineering classes or Physics, I can schedule an appointment at the Viterbi Academic Resource Center (VARC) and get help from fellow Undergraduate trojans who have already succeeded in the course I am taking. Also for math and physics courses, you do not only have a Teaching Assistant that you meet with twice a week for discussion; you also get to take advantage of Supplemental Instruction where a student who has already taken the course, you are in, holds weekly review sessions to fortify your understanding of the subjects at hand. Lastly, all of my professors have always been happy to have me at their office hours to clarify concepts to me.

Professionally: Once every semester there is an Engineering Career Expo hosted by Viterbi at the Engineering-Quad. It is free and open to all students in Viterbi. Students usually dress business casual but I would encourage students to show up with a suit to look as sharp as possible. Students get the opportunity to have conversations with the recruiters to possibly attain internships, full-time employment, or co-ops. You need to make sure to bring your resume and study it to be prepared to speak about anything that the recruiter has more questions about. I personally attained an internship at Northrop Grumman thanks, in part, to the Career Expo. There is also a Viterbi Career Services center that will help you make your Resume as sharp as possible and they offer mock interviews to get some practice in.

Socially: There is a very special and distinct level of energy at USC. People are very lively and sociable, which was definitely a deciding factor for me when I considered everything else USC could offer to me other than a stellar engineering degree. There are tons of organizations where you will meet some of the coolest people on the face of the planet. You will quickly learn that USC students are extremely well-rounded, both within and outside of Viterbi. I am personally not involved in Greek life but many of my friends are. They have nothing but great things to say about the Greek system and as far as I know, students greatly appreciate the opportunities that they gain through their fraternities and sororities. Last but not least, being a Trojan gives me the pleasure of attending the football games. I know all those who have experienced it will agree that campus comes extremely alive on Football Saturdays. Everyone is proudly wearing their trojan gear and tailgating on campus. There are barbecues and friends having a great time. It is the best thing to have our stadium right across the street because it allows all the students to get together and have a good time on campus prior to the games.

I was happy with my decision to attend USC and I know that the best years are yet to come. The resourcefulness of USC has made it an amazing experience for me. Fight On!

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015