This summer has been a very fun and productive one. Working as an intern at Northrop Grumman has been the paramount of happenings since an internship is technically a 3 month long interview where you have to be prompt, productive, work hard, and, ultimately, show the company you are worth the investment.  However, to unwind I have been going to several places. My internship is paid so aside from getting experience and loving the science behind Radar Software, and I am earning money and that gives me the freedom to have some fun. Putting in work makes you feel great and all but it’s good to step away from it when you get the chance. I find it useful to see doing my work well as an incentive to relax and do things that I might enjoy a bit more.

I had always wanted to hike up to the Hollywood sign, or even hike for the matter. I took my S.O. with me on a journey to Griffith Park. The hike was a 6 mile round trip (although it felt like less.) On the way up I got to see rabbits, lizards, a deer, and luckily, had very few encounters with animal droppings. Although it is not allowed to get very close to the sign, we got as close as we possibly could. The moderate workout was worth the beautiful view of Hollywood and LA. It was amazing “stepping outside of the box” and appreciating a beautiful state park that is, conveniently, not too far from civilization. After taking some pictures, we headed back down the path and drove to the Griffith Observatory. Here we got to see some Tesla Coils [AWESOME] and a beautiful presentation at the planetarium that teaches us how little we know about the universe, or what the universe even is [DEPRESSING but nevertheless, SUPER INTERESTING].  Hiking up to the sign and going to the Griffith Observatory was truly an amazing experience. Also, you wouldn’t be going too out of your way to get there from SC so it is definitely a good field trip to have in mind.

Another cool thing I’ve done since the last blog is visited The Happiest Place on Earth. I went on a trip to revisit my childhood at Disneyland and had a blast. I got on some cool rides and even got to canoe! I am the official Astro Blasters champion as you will see in the picture below. I also saw a showing of “Captain EO,” which starred Michael Jackson [RIP] and was directed by none another than George Lucas [TROJAN FAMILY.] Got to see the Firework Show and the beautiful scenery that is Disneyland. I left that amusement park, well.. amused. Had a wonderful time and realized how jealous I am of my fellow VSA, Samantha Kaplan, who is a Professional Intern at Walt Disney World for the summer. If you want to know what that is like check out the link on her name to her blogs.


Next, I plan to go to the San Diego Safari Park so I will keep you all updated on that. There are many amazing things to do near, or relatively near, SC on weekends when school starts. This reminds me how much I miss everything about USC: the people, the atmosphere, and the breaking my head open over a homework assignment [VITERBI LIFE.] I am also ridiculously excited to begin seeing what it is to be a Viterbi Student Ambassador.

Well, I’m off to get to work and enjoy the remainder of my summer.

“Work hard, play hard” is the motto.

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015