Spring 2013: Leggo!!

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Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great winter break!

After a restful few weeks of vacation, I came back prepared to begin another semester.

During the calm before the storm (aka the very first week of school), I got the chance to see a few of my favorite musicians, Wax and Dumbfounded, at the Troubadour in Santa Monica. Great hip hop artists.

One of my two favorite hip hop artists: Big Wax

One of my two favorite hip hop artists: Big Wax

Dumbfounded and I at the Troubadour!

Dumbfounded and I at the Troubadour!

When I woke up for school the following day, I was actually pretty excited. I really like my schedule and the courses I am taking this semester.

I am enrolled in Physics 153: Optics and Modern Physics, Math 245: Mathematics of Physics and Engineering, EE 202: Linear Circuits, and a General Education course: On Beauty.

Spring 2013 Schedule

Spring 2013 Schedule

Before I go into what I am going to enjoy about those courses, I would like to say that it feels good to know that I am enrolled in my 4th Math Course and 3rd Physics course at USC. Its nice to see progress in that alone.

I am very excited about this years courses and all four of my professors are interesting and personable. I am looking forward to using my calculus skill set in my Differential Equations course and my physics professor does an incredible job in making sure we all leave lecture having understood the topic at hand. My “On Beauty” course is great because the entire class discusses relevant subjects and  participation seems effortless.

I am most excited about my Linear Circuits course. I will have a weekly lab for that course and get to mess around with bread boards. Its going to be cool to learn more about mathematical techniques you can use to analyze circuits.

I started using an application on my iPad called Notability and though it seemed weird at first, I am happy to have gone paperless. I am really enjoying it for note-taking and I have 3 of my books in there.


Doing my homework for EE 202 on my iPad

A few of my EE friends and I are planning to start up a club with the knowledge we acquire after EE 202 so I will have more to say about that as the semester progresses.

I am almost fully recovered and I cannot wait to be back on the Rugby field. It is going to be an amazing semester. Also, I recently got some Beats by Dr. Dre and they have great for staying focused while I study, so if you can learn while listening to music I strongly suggest you look into that.

Fight On!

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