This summer I decided to try an experiment and deactivate Facebook. My first year at USC, I found myself going onto Facebook every time I got the opportunity to. Though there are a countless number of ways to procrastinate, I successfully eliminated my biggest vice.

Since this momentous decision, I have been able to focus entirely on my work and the things I truly care about. I have been far more productive and my study habits have improved. I have one less distraction and ironically, my social life has gotten better despite my lack of a “social network.”

I am meeting more people and the communication we have is in person, which is definitely the best way to get to know someone. I have never been introverted per se, but I feel that I am becoming more sociable this way.
There are many pros to Facebook such as using it as a means of communication and for event notifications. You can also maintain as much privacy as you want by changing your settings. Friends can share thoughts and ideas, an idea that is somewhat similar to a blog. Fact of the matter is that it is now difficult to stay in the loop without Facebook but I am achieving it. I use Twitter to share thoughts or to advertise for an event. Also, I use Linked In for professional networking.

Maybe it is just a good year for me and it has very little to do with deactivating Facebook but I can attribute my gain of focus to it.

I still need to overcome my ESPN and YouTube addictions but I am no longer anxious to check my Facebook or to learn of what is going on with who.

Everyone finds what works best for them once they get to USC but with the scarcity of free time that Viterbi gives you, I feel that getting rid of Facebook was the best decision I could have made.

Fight On!

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015