Not having a car on campus is not an inconvenience at all with LA Public Transportation. The Metro Rails and Lines will get you anywhere you need to be around Los Angeles. My home is a 15-minute drive from USC and by using the Metro, I can be there in less than an hour without my family having to move a leg. Having a lot of friends and my girlfriend at the school across town (UCLA), gives me some excusable reasons to visit occasionally. The commute is not a very painstaking one when using the Metro; I can make it over in a little bit more than an hour and save money on gas too. Even if I had a car, I would probably use the Metro for most visits anywhere around SC. You can get to LA Live to go bowling, watch a Laker game, or eat at a good restaurant for a $3 round trip. Bus stops surround all of USC and you can go anywhere from the beach to Downtown LA by using the Rail system. Just because you may not have a car on campus does not mean that you are restricted as to where you can go. If anything, USC’s great location and the public transportation system available to you should encourage you to explore LA and Southern California.

Expo Line Headed Towards Downtown LA from USC


By going to you can plan your trip too! This website is a lifesaver. You put in your location, destination, and at what time you would like to leave. The website then tells you which buses you need to take, your estimated time of arrival, total bus fair, and how much you will need to walk from the nearest bus stop to your destination.

If you need any more info about Public Transportation in LA feel free to contact me or visit the website.


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Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

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  • cassandra says:

    I just used the metro for the first time yesterday – we went to Culver City for some delicious In N Out! Living in Chicago over the summer really made me appreciate public transportation and I’m super glad that we have it in LA.

  • makana says:

    You definitely inspired me to blog about using public transportation to explore Downtown LA!