School is going to start in less than two weeks and I would not want to be studying engineering anywhere else; it is good to be a Trojan.

First and foremost, USC is number 1 in the ESPN Power Rankings and I am glad to say that our academic institution managed to battle through the sanctions and get back to the top. I just bought my student season tickets and I am ridiculously excited to be at every home game this season as our Trojans make it to the National Championship. There is nothing that compares to being in the student section and cheering on the best team in the country with all of your friends. WE ARE SC.


Secondly, right down the street from campus is the home of the Los Angeles Lakers (and Clippers but that’s not so important,) the Staples Center. The Lakers recently acquired C Dwight Howard (THE BEST CENTER IN THE LEAGUE), PG Steve Nash (2 TIME MVP), SG Antoine Jamison (BEST PLAYER ON ALL THE BAD TEAMS HE PLAYED FOR PRIOR TO THE LAKERS), SG Jodie Meeks ( A SOLID BACK-UP FOR KOBE), and somehow still managed to keep PF Pau Gasol (AN ELITE POSTGAME PLAYER.) Putting these guys next to Kobe Bryant gives the Lakers a serious opportunity to win LA another ring. Even if you are not from LA or go for the Lakers, you have to be excited to watch this team play. I absolutely have to allocate some funds from my college budget to get to watch them play during the school year.

Also, completely unrelated, I turned 19 last wednesday. Although I am the last of my friends to turn 19, my 18th year of life was the best yet and I expect to top it in all aspects during my 19th by improving my productivity, personal growth, health, drive, academics, goal setting, focus, and above all else having a great time. My favorite gifts had to be my mom’s delicious enchiladas and my Ray Bans. There is a small ‘P‘ after the ‘Ray Ban’ on the lens since the glasses are Polarized but I like to think they were customized for Pedro. I will put them to use a lot during the school year with USC’s beautiful LA weather.

Lastly, my internship at Northrop Grumman is ending soon. I worked hard, learned a lot about Software Engineering, and met several people that helped me work towards defining my career goals. Fortunately, my boss grew fond of my work ethic and passion for engineering. As a result, I was blessed with the opportunity to return as an intern next summer and I will most probably be back.

I can’t wait to move in next week and see all of you amazing people. Fight On!

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015