What do you mean I’m half way through my sophomore year?

I go back to my high school to help students with their college applications and cannot believe it’s been almost two years since I was there. More than anything though, I cannot believe I am an Engineering student at USC. I swear it feels like it is never going to sink in. I love being a Trojan.

This semester presented several challenges to me, I won some and lost some but I feel a lot wiser and definitely gained some crucial knowledge. Every semester feels like a step closer to becoming the person I want to be but I never thought this developmental process would be so fun. I did not get the chance to play much Rugby because I am recovering from injuries but I plan to make my first game of the year a good one against UCLA on January 12th.  I also got to learn some more songs on the guitar and started playing the acoustic more than the electric.

My stress-relieving contraptions


Experiment in Physics Lab using Helmholtz coil to see an electron beam.

I had some cool classes and great professors this semester. I took Digital Logic, Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, Calculus 3, and CS 101. It was awesome how I was using concepts from Digital Logic to complete projects in CS 101, and vice versa. Same goes for Vector Calculus in Calc 3 and Physics. It was extremely convenient to have taken these classes in the same semester. However, I am looking forward to next semester. I will have no 8 am classes for the first time! I will be taking Optics and Modern Physics, Math for Physics and Engineering, Linear Circuits, and a writing intensive GE called “On Beauty.” I am looking forward to the challenges that I will face, particularly that GE. It will definitely be a change in rhythm but I’ll try to brush up on some reading during the break.

My Spring 2013 Class Schedule


Even though our football team had one of the most disappointing seasons ever, in regards to expectation, I know we will be back on top soon and reclaim the Victory Bell! Going to the games was as fun as ever and I will never get tired of the high-spirited and convivial atmosphere on our campus during Game Days.


This winter break I am going to sleep very, very much and catch up with some high school friends. I am looking forward to my mom’s Christmas cooking and the craziness that is my home on New Year’s Eve.


Time to study up for finals! Hopefully Final’s Season will have nothing to do with my New Year’s Resolutions.


Fight On!

Pedro Lepe

Pedro Lepe

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2015