Roller coasters, fried food, dressed up zombies dancing to Thriller, what else is there to want in a theme park? Oh, more roller coasters! Well Magic Mountain has all that and more, which is why it is my favorite place to enjoy on the weekend!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a thrill-seeker’s park – through and through. I’m a big junkie when it comes to roller coasters (something I never dreamed I’d say), and Magic Mountain satisfies my thrill-seeking urge! Its really a great place to come and unwind after a stressful week, and its under an hour’s drive away from campus, so it’s close by. We can even buy tickets through the University ticket office and they’re about half price!

Recently, I went to Magic Mountain for Six Flags Fright Fest with Sarah; check out some of our photos below!

My favorite ride there is easily Tatsu; its a high speed roller coaster where the seats rise up to let you hang face down and fly like Superman. It’s an incredible feeling to go through loops and turns and be able to see the whole park; it really does feel like you’re flying! However, there really isn’t any way to go wrong with the rides at Magic Mountain; they’re all perfect for the thrill-seeker in you! That’s why Six Flags Magic Mountain has earned its spot in the Best of LA.



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