Howdy everybody! This week, I want to share one of my favorite study spots on campus, Salvatori Computer Lab.

Salvatori Computer Lab, or SAL as we has affectionately shortened it, is one of my favorite places to go and buckle down for studying. I tend to work at my apartment most of the time, since I like having my own space. However, SAL is a great place for me to go to either settle in without distractions or reserve a room for a team meeting. SAL is the home of many computer labs connected to my classes thus far, and many TA’s hold office hours there for supplemental help, which is quite the bonus!

One of the biggest reasons that I love going to SAL is that there are team meeting rooms that are soundproof and have a monitor hookup where all members of the team can work on one computer. This can be great for working on design documents (as are the whiteboards) and for kicking off a team meeting well! In addition, SAL is a 24-hour facility, so it is always open for whenever your team decides to meet!

Another big bonus of SAL is that they have laptops pre-loaded with all the engineering software you’ll need; and they’re completely free! During my Freshman year, my laptop broke and I actually went without a computer for over a month! I was able to rent a laptop from SAL for 4-8 hours at a time and get all of my work done that way, which is quite life-saving for a Computer Science major! It is really convenient to stop by and pick up a computer and then take it with you to class or lab if you don’t have a laptop of your own.

Overall, SAL is a great place to meet or study, and it has a ton of awesome resources for free!

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