Howdy y’all!

This past weekend was my birthday, and so to celebrate, like any good engineering student, I ran off to Indio, California to the Stagecoach music festival. Ok, so maybe not like every good engineering student! I promise I’m not a bad student; let me explain. I’ll start at the beginning.

Back in my first few months at USC, I was living the dream. Everything was going really well and I was on top of the world! I mean, I had great classes;


I was fitting right in with my roommates and floor;


I was pledging my favorite fraternity;


Things couldn’t be better. And so, naturally, when some of my brothers began talking about going to this Stagecoach country music festival that I’d never heard of, I jumped on the opportunity!

Flash forward to Monday April 22nd, four days before we’re set to head on down the road to Indio, California. This time, however, I’m feeling a little stressed out with my CS102 final project game still needing its finishing touches, an ECON 203 midterm coming up on the following Tuesday, and an EE 101 final project lab due the following Friday. What I needed was to get away, and so I did! But not before finishing up my project and nailing down my Econ knowledge.  Thursday night after classes we packed up and drove off: goodbye USC, hello Stagecoach!


And that’s the story of how I got my Stagecoach getaway. In college, things can get a little hectic at times and it may seem like every class is throwing you all the work it can at the same time. When that happens, don’t be afraid to take a step back and remember to enjoy life amidst your studying. Almost all things are good in moderation, and that means play too! Taking a step back to prioritize and manage your time will leave you room for the must needed study breaks – your own getaways!



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