Most people like peace and quiet when they’re studying or trying to pump out a project, but not me! I love the hum of activity going on all around me and people dropping in and out. That’s why my favorite study spot is the Campus Center.

The Campus Center is the biggest food court on campus, with a ton of outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather and plenty of restaurants nearby. Inside are chains like Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen, Verde, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and more! It is a big social meeting place on campus, as there’s plenty of space to meet up, grab a table, and hang out. Outside, there’s almost always someone playing on the public piano, which creates a great background melody to help keep my focus.

I love how there is food right there in the Campus Center so that I can grab lunch while I work. I often have an hour or two hour gap between classes a couple days a week, and I love coming to the Campus Center to get work done between classes and eat lunch. My favorite part, though, is all of the people. To some, it can get distracting to have the noise of people talking and the restaurants cooking going on, but I love to have it as my background noise to help me zone into my work. When I need a quick break, it’s a great common place to find my friends or meet up, and I also love to people-watch every now and then because there’s always something exciting going on. Below are some pictures:

Overall, the Campus Center is my favorite place to study during the day when I have breaks between classes. It’s always convenient and a fun place to be!

Have a great Thursday and Happy Halloween!





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